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Mornings can be difficult, and sometimes we find ourselves unmotivated to start the day. In this book, The Morning Motivator, you will wake up to an uplifting message every day as part of creating a positive morning ritual that will help build momentum to increase productivity throughout the day.


"Being consistent with your goals is a way to create a pattern of success you desire. I have strategically placed these messages in a way to maintain and empower positive growth in the best as possible. My goal for you reading this book is to discover, by confidently starting your morning, you will transform your life to see brighter days that bring more fulfillment and higher levels of success."

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There are many different ways that you can benefit from the insight in this book, but the primary objective I would like you to focus on is to know the importance of investing in yourself. Once we can understand the talents we have and the gifts we have been given, we then can also discover any triggers that might be halting us from achieving what we desire then the process of giving to others can manifest into a greater and more meaningful purpose.


I share the essentials that have helped me not just get by but start living every day with a purpose by developing a limitless vision for this future as I am creating and maintain the best life I can. 

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Amberly Lago "Inspirational book to lift your spirits"

I bought this book for myself but loved it so much I ordered more for friends for gifts! It is the perfect inspirational book to lift your spirits! It’s full of nuggets of wisdom to shift your perspective into some positive thinking! I would definitely recommend it!

Ivelisse "Awesome Read a Must Get"
Brian has a way of writing that is clear and to the point. When you read his book, you will feel positive! I hope he writes more books!


Tiffanie "Amazing"
As someone who suffers from depression, this book is amazing! It will change your outlook on life and everyday frustrations.

April DeWeese "Great Read"
Truly a good for anyone looking to help themselves and live a more positive life. Great tips and advice. On to reading it a second time! I've bookmarked so many pages!


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This Book is about discovering how to become empowered by positive thinking in your everyday life. You will be able to think positively even on the worst of days, knowing you have the perseverance to maintain a healthy mindset. 

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